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We are a UK company, established in 1999 to support OEM's and Instrument Manufacturer's, through the prompt supply of high quality Optical Components, Visible Lasers and Laser Safety Eyeware at sensible prices .

We are committed to working with Designers, Buyers, Researchers and Production Managers to help increase product performance, support development, expedite procurement and reduce inventory costs. 

For attentive, informed and honest sales support contact us - you'll be pleased !


Product of the Day

Green Laser Mini Module Pointers

Simply connect to a 3V Battery or DC supply to run these economic, simple and stable Green Mini Laser Modules - ideal for pointing applications. From only £67.00 !


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Green Laser Pen Pointer

Sapphire Windows

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Glan-Thompson Prisms

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Calcium Fluoride Windows

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532nm and 473nm Laser Safet...

Price: £87.00

Style 38 190nm to 10600nm LASER Safe...

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